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  • This controller uses novel bi-directional high-power SCR.
  • It can be very convenient adjust the current up to 25A, and solve the over current problem of the heating wire.
  • The output voltage is adjusted anywhere between 50V ~ 220V for use with electrical appliances.
  • It can use to such as electric stove, water heater tune thermal, lighting dimmer, small motor speed, electric iron thermostat, and achieve dimming, thermostats, pressure regulator effect.


  • Input voltage: AC 220V
  • Voltage regulation: AC 50-220V
  • Maximum power: 4000 W
  • Current: 25A
  • Resistance materials: Metal

Package List:

  • 1x High-power 4000W 220V AC SCR Voltage Regulator Motor Speed Control Controller

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