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  • Power: 150W.
  • Input voltage: DC12V.
  • Output voltage: AC 0-110V-172V-200V-220V.
  • Quiescent current: about 0.05A.
  • Output waveform: high frequency square wave.
  • Output frequency: about 20KHZ.
  • Protection: none.
  • Size: 58*58*28 mm.


  1. The board belongs to high frequency square AC output; it is not suitable for the inductive appliance, such as motor, fan and coil transformer.
  2. While picked up with low-load machines (LED light, mobile phone charger and DVD set-top box), you are suggested to pick up with low voltage point, such as: 172V/110V.
  3. You should install a large heat sink to release its long time high-load Module(a‰ 00W) work.
  4. You could not connect the power inversely. Besides, power supply and power wire should have large enough current. *Do not overload and short-circuit because it without any protections.
  5. The number in measured by the output high frequency non-load voltage meter will be a little higher.

Output wiring the following voltages:

  • V0--V2=110V.
  • V0--V3=175V.
  • V0--V4=200V.
  • V0--V5=220V.
  • V5--V4=20V.
  • V5--V3=45V.
  • V5--V2=110V.
  • V4--V3=28V.
  • V4--V2=90V.
  • V3--V2=62V.

  • 1x Boost Power Converter

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